Using a Rice Cooker: A Basic Guide for Beginners

Using a Rice Cooker: A Basic Guide for Beginners

Shifting to a new city for college or work and living alone seems to be difficult because of the ever-changing food habits. To top that, if you can’t cook, it will be difficult to adjust to the new city and eat your favourite food there.

The simplest food that you can cook that will never cause you food poisoning is obviously rice and dal. Rice, being the staple food of Indians, almost all of them love to have rice on a daily basis. If you are still struggling to cook this basic food for yourself, you will stop worrying about it once you purchase a rice cooker for yourself.

Almost everyone is familiar with using a pressure cooker, but they think that using a rice cooker is complicated. However, the fact is that it is way too simpler than the complex pressure cooker. Nowadays, like every other advanced technology installed in appliances, the smart technology enabled appliance helps you prepare perfectly cooked rice without any hassles.

Read the Instruction Manual to Avoid Any Goof-Ups

If you are new to cooking and have never used a rice cooker before, read the instruction manual thoroughly that comes with the cooker. The manual specifically helps you to optimally use the buttons present in the cooker and also guides you to use the right amount of rice grains and water to cook rice perfectly. 

Allow the Rice to Rest after Cooking

Beginners assume that once the rice cooker reaches the ‘warm’ mode, rice is done. However, that is not right. After the rice cooker turns to ‘warm’ mode, it should be allowed to rest for 5-10 minutes so that the water is stabilized and cooking process gets completed fully.

A Rice Cooker Can Cook More Than Just Rice

An electric cooker not only helps you cook rice and dal faster, but it can also help you cook items like steamed vegetables, dalia, soup and khichdi easily. With its smart enabled technology, you would not have to reheat the food as the container keeps the cooked food warm. The food after getting cooked will remain warm for long duration, thereby giving you the natural taste.

Cook As Per Your Convenience

If you are new to cooking, then do not get overwhelmed by the functions that a rice cooker comes integrated with. A ready-to-use manual is provided with the cooker, which helps you cook the perfect amount of rice and add appropriate amount of water to cook it perfectly.

When it comes to convenience, the delay functions, which are present in the latest models ofrice cooker, helps you cook food at the designated time and it doesn’t get burnt even if you are not present nearby to switch it off.

Brands like Kent offer various high end rice cooker models, which help you simplify your life. Switch to this smart electric cooker and bid goodbye to outside food. Let your inner chef to reimagine your creativity in cooking skills and surprise your parents with your new-found creativity.

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