Total Loss Car Appraisal Laguna Niguel CA

Total Loss Car Appraisal Laguna Niguel CA

Has your car been declared a total loss? Do you need a total loss car appraisal Laguna Niguel CA to establish the pre-loss value of your vehicle? Or do you need a professionally done car appraisal to settle your claim?

When seeking fair value claim settlement with your insurance company, it is recommended that you hire the services of a professional car appraiser. These experts use the current market comparable to help determine the value of your vehicle prior to its loss. First, they will take a look at the unique characteristics of the vehicle and provide you with reliable findings.

But what features qualifies a car to be at a total loss? If you’re in a severe accident that causes extensive damage to your car, your insurance company may consider the car a total loss. What this means is that the insurance company has declared the vehicle beyond repair and as such it’s not worth the trouble trying to fix it.

Total loss car appraisal Laguna Niguel Ca is not an easy task. However, it is advisable that you have an idea on how your vehicle’s value is calculated. This way, you can negotiate for a fairer payout on your claim. Furthermore, it provides detailed information as to why you might not get as much money as expected.

Actual Cash Value

Most car insurance policies cover automobile using actual cash value. With this, they can reach a conclusion whether or not your vehicle is worth repairing. However, this decision is based on a certain percentage. If the repair value is more than 80% of the car’s value, then it is considered a total loss and not worth the effort.

Actual cash value is a great way to determine the vehicle’s value at the time of loss. If you could put up your car for sale minutes before the accident, how much will it cost? It is quite difficult to get the real value without some help. These include make, year, mileage, model, physical wear, and tear, etc.


Is there any recent vehicle repair? If yes, then provide the repair receipts. This can go a long way in helping to determine your replacement cost. A new transmission, new tires, a new engine can help boost your check to a desirable amount.

Total loss car appraisal Laguna Niguel CA is a great way to calculate your car’s worth. This will help you settle for a much-deserved claim from your insurance company.

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