The Cure For Senile Pigment Spots Arising With Increasing Age

The Cure For Senile Pigment Spots Arising With Increasing Age

Senile pigment spot occurs as you grow old and due to constant exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. There is a difference between senile pigment spots and liver spots, where the former has oblong contours. Melanocytes, which remain at the base if the epidermis, makes and distributes melanin pigments to the stratum corneum. The amount of skin determines the color, but old-age pigment spots occur after exposure to the ultraviolet rays. Prolonged exposure causes abnormalities in the functioning of melanocytes which results in the marks. You can consult a doctor and purchase remedial medicines from くすりエクスプレス.

Beauty clinics

You can treat senile pigment spots in several available ways like medication, daily skin care, lifestyle improvement, and beauty clinics. The beauty clinics use medicines from ベストケンコー but also carries out surgeries. The most recognized ways of surgical skin treatment are the light and laser procedures. Laser treatment involves the application of anesthetic cream on the spots followed by irradiation of laser. You’ll incur a light burn on the treated area, so you must cover it with an adhesive bandage for several days. The photo treatment method involves the application of weak light over a wide area. Unlike laser skin treatment, you won’t suffer any scabs in phototherapy.

Skin care techniques

The countermeasures against ultraviolet rays can stop the occurrence of senile pigment spots in the first place. Try to reduce the time you spend standing under direct sunlight and use some mode to guard yourself. Treatment measures are always available at ベストケンコー, but you won’t require it if you arrange proper skin care. Improvement of the barrier functions of the skin will also prevent and aid the condition of the spots. Avoid sleep shortage, relieve yourself of stress, consume well-balanced diet and you can stop blemishes at the gates. Remember that there are several medicines you can find in the market, but not all are fit for you. Always speak to a doctor before the administration of pharmaceuticals.

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