The Best Murphy Beds in the United States Are Built By Wilding Wallbeds

The Best Murphy Beds in the United States Are Built By Wilding Wallbeds

Wilding Wallbeds has brought comfort to the already very “cool” Murphy Bed. Most people are enamored with the idea of a Murphy Bed and the convenience of these beds came to the attention of the American public in the early 1900’s when Charlie Chaplin became a film star and a Murphy Bed was his “supporting actor”.  The movie, titled, One A.M., was Chaplin’s first solo movie. It captured all that was great and all that was terrible about a Murphy Bed and was hilarious in it’s reality as only a Chaplin film can be. Ginger Rogers, Jimmy Stewart, Buster Keaton and even James Bond have all shared the silver screen with a Murphy Bed.

In the 21st Century, the Murphy Bed has come of age by way of Wilding Wallbeds. Our website has incredible examples, dimensions, statistics, and pricing about our Murphy Beds; however, to truly appreciate what we have to offer, you must visit one of our phenomenal showrooms. If you live anywhere in southern California, and you are captivated by the idea of a Murphy Bed in your spacious home, small bungalow, lavish apartment, or tiny studio, it is worth the drive and visit to see what Wilding Wallbeds can do for you. We have showrooms in El Segundo, Chino Hills, and San Diego. Our professional staff in each of these locations will be so happy to meet you and show you the features, designs, and functionality of our beds; and you will make new friends as we strive to meet all of your expectations and show you all of the choices that are now yours in Murphy Beds. Also, if you live anywhere near St. George, Utah (a relatively short drive from many parts of Arizona, Nevada, and virtually anywhere from Utah) our staff in our flagship showroom will be thrilled to show you exactly what Murphy Beds are all about in the modern world.

A Murphy Bed Perfect For Anybody And Everybody

Wilding Wallbeds has so many fabulous Murphy Beds that it will be nearly impossible to find your favorites. There are Murphy Beds to fit every single need you can think of. Do you have several children or grandchildren that need payrooms, yet your home or condo only has two or three bedrooms? Not a problem with our Murphy Bunk Beds that we offer in both our Homefront and Gallery models. These bunk beds provide sleeping quarters for kids (and adults too) yet fold up against the wall during the daytime and let the kids have free reign over the entire room. During the day, they only take up 17 inches of space from the wall-less than many bookshelves.  Also included is a three sided guardrail on the upper bunk that is securely bolted to the bed box and folds neatly into the bed cabinet as the bed is closed. We also give you a hardwood ladder for easy access. Our Bunk Beds have a unique fully cantilevered top bunk that requires no support rods or bars to interfere with access to either bunk. In a small home or even in the largest mansion, just think about how awesome it would be if your kids or grandkids actually looked forward to bedtime because they have such uncommon beds. We cannot promise this will happen, but we do know it is a distinct possibility!

Wilding Wallbeds offers to you the finest in “Power Murphy Beds”. Imagine how much different Charlie Chaplin’s life in the movies would have been if all he would have needed to do was press one small button to make his bed appear. Our Power Bed system allows your entire bed to either unfold from the bookshelf or fold back in with just the touch of a switch. The upper bookshelf can either be an entire shelving system or an entertainment system that will hold a flat screen television of any size. Decorative molding is used to create false doors on the lower section of the unit, giving the illusion of a fine cabinet while completely hiding a great bed.

Wilding Wallbeds has incredible beds in all varieties. We offer beds for sleep clinics complete with doctor approved exam units and computer workstations, all to fit in the smallest of overnight facilities while still maintaining utmost professionalism. We give our customers the highest quality hardwoods and never use particle board or wood fillers. Our mechanical systems are engineered with the ease and quality our customers have come to expect. Visit Wilding Wallbeds for a whole new perspective on the great Murphy Bed.

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