Simple Tips for Finding Cheap Storage Units

Simple Tips for Finding Cheap Storage Units

Whether you are downsizing, renovating, moving, organizing or staging your home, you may have to end up shopping for a storage unit. You will notice that there are self-storage facilities on almost every other street corner, but how do you find the right one? Most importantly, how do you find one that suits your budget and is not too overpriced? How do you find the best deal? Yes, this is something that can be done and you just have to figure out how. Listed below are some simple tips that can help you do exactly that. These are the best ways for you to bring down the cost of your storage unit. Take these steps to enjoy significant savings:

Select the correct size

When you start searching for a storage unit, you will realize that they are available in a wide array of sizes. While most self-storage facilities offer units in standard sizes that increase in increases of 5’, but there are a number of companies that offer some unique sizes as well. Selecting the size wisely is essential because the monthly rent will increase according to it. There are situations where people end up renting a storage unit that’s larger than necessary and also pack poorly. Choosing the right size and packing efficiently can help save a considerable sum of money.

Location, location and location

It is a given that storage units will obviously be more expensive when they are in high population areas and more convenient locations. A storage facility in a central location is going to be more costly as compared to a storage unit in the suburbs. However, this is not the only location that matters. The rate of storage units also varies depending on their location within the facility itself. A unit on the third floor will be priced lower as compared to the same unit on the 1st floor.  

Do some insurance shopping

Not many people are aware that storage units require you to maintain insurance throughout your rental duration. Most of the time, this is not disclosed until you are ready to sign the paperwork. Even more convenient is that these facilities have their own coverage that they are ready to sell to you and most people end up buying it. But, this is priced higher and it is best that you shop for your own insurance and find the cheapest rates to save money.

Avoid increases in rate

You have succeeded in finding cheap storage units, but do you know that their rate is not locked in? Yes, the storage facility can increase the rate when they want. These increases can add up so you need to opt for a company that doesn’t have this policy. Some facilities don’t disclose this information so you can check their reviews online or ask other customers about their rate increasing history to make the right decision.

Use these tips and you will be able to solve your storage issues with ease.

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