Simple Quilting Tips for Beginners

Simple Quilting Tips for Beginners

Quilting is one of the well-loved and respected types of fabric art practiced all over the world. However, for beginners, it can be quite intimidating. You look at the beautifully designed and ornate quilts and cannot help but wonder that how you will ever be able to create something like that. The good news is that anyone can master the art of quilting as long as they know what to do and how to start. Are you interested? Here are some simple tips that can be immensely helpful:

  • Begin with simple patterns

When you are getting started with quilted, it can be extremely tempting to opt for quilting patterns that comprise of different kinds of shapes. But, it is recommended that until you are able to get some experience under your belt, you should stick to projects that are easier, less frustrating and more fun. Go with rectangle and square shapes instead of triangles because stretchy edges are not easier to do. You can find some excellent simple patterns that use squares and rectangles so your first project can also be something you can show off.

  • Attend a class

If you have absolutely no idea how to begin quilting, it is a good idea to consider taking a class for beginners. There are local quilting shops and craft stores that offer a wide range of classes and there are online classes as well that can allow you to improve your skill considerably. Online classes are often considered more convenient because you don’t have to attend a physical class to see the concepts brought to life. You can find a plethora of websites offering these classes and you can learn a lot from them.

  • Go with patterns that use large pieces

Another tip that can come in handy for learning quilting is to make use of quilting patterns that require large pieces. This is because piecing the quilt becomes quicker and easier when the size is large. In addition, you have to deal with fewer seams in these quilting patterns, which can make it easier for you to avoid mistakes. Quilts that have smaller pieces are considerably more complex and require additional time to be sewn together. Moreover, when there are so many seams, there is a chance that you may end up making a few mistakes along the way. The whole point is for you to use beginner patterns in order to master the basics so you can get started with the complicated ones.

  • Pre-cut quilt kits are helpful

Experts recommend that those who are getting started should opt for patterns that need pre-cuts. These are ready-cut pieces of fabrics that are ready to go. These pre-cut quilting kits can be easily found online at a number of websites. While some may consider this cheating, it can be great for saving time that’s otherwise spent on measuring and cutting. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can always cut your own shapes in the future.

As long as you use these tips, you will start getting better at quilting.

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