Recruitment Process and the role of Hiring Managers

Recruitment Process and the role of Hiring Managers

Selection and recruitment of employeesare the two basic tasks of a human resource department. In fact, the success or failure of an organization depends on the quality and talent of staff that are hired by these human resources personnel. For that reason, it is highly crucial for a hiring manager to employ the right individuals with required aptitude and credentials.

There are a number of key points that should be taken into accounts while sourcing for employees. Identify if the candidates you are considering to hire are capable of delivering excellent performance and have the aptitude to fit into the company environment and meet its objective. Furthermore, know their strengths, competencies, and values towards the position they are applying for. Likewise,it isimportant to determine if they need any trainingin order to better perform in their particular roles at the company.

With these points, recruitment process may seem an onerous job. However, it is undeniable that many applicants use fake information regarding their qualification and work experience just to impress the hiring manager and get the job. In this scenario, it becomes extremely crucial for the hiring managers to look beyond a candidate’s personality and provided resume to determine how competent they really are. This is the point where a hiring manager needs to perform competency analysis of those who are shortlisted for the interview.

Sourcing Employees

When there is a vacancy in the company, it is always wise to first see inwardly of there is any existing employee who can perfectly fit into that role. If there is no one, the human resource department should place an ad to source the employee. At this point, it is imperative for the hiring manager to know the key requirements for the vacant position including educational qualification, minimum number of working experience in a particular job capacity such as a personal secretary, job description, and the preferred gender for the employee. Ask applicants to provide the summary of their educational credentials and career summary with the resume as this will make the shortlisting process much easier and simpler.

Competency Testing

When it comes to carrying out a flawless recruitment process, competency test has a lot to do to make it certain. A well thoughtfully formed competency test goes beyond what human eyes can perceive.  It can check the behavioral characteristics of the candidates which can directly influence and drive their performance toward the job.

Things to Check ina Competency Test

Competency tests are conducted to see applicants’ skills, knowledge, qualification, knowledge, strengths, educational or career achievements, goals, and traits. As a hiring manager, testing all these characteristics can drastically help you separate fake or inappropriate applicants from those who are really genuine and may fit into the vacant position. In particular, you must pay more attention on the objectives and traits of applicants than their qualifications and previous work experiences.

Outsourcing recruitment process can be an option if internal recruitment does not seem flourishing. Here you can read moreto get successful recruiting for your company.

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