Is Gal Gadot a Feminist or Feminot?

Is Gal Gadot a Feminist or Feminot?


Gal Gadot is the sexy, strong actress playing Wonder Woman for Warner Brothers Studios. This former beauty pageant queen, Israeli street fighting mother seems to have it all as she poses for the cover story of Rollingstone Magazine at Goya Studios’ sound stage. Not a soul would guess that the bright-eyed, high-cheekboned, superhero was up all night with a four-month old.

Being a Mother and Career Woman

Gadot oozes, mystery, strength and sex appeal as she poses in cold metallic colors with bright whites and lots of wind in her hair on the spacious sound stage. Gadot is the definitive glamazon with a natural and deep strength within. The bright whites and metallics contrast with her dark complexion stunningly and create clean and distinctive images. It is hard to believe that a sleep deprived, mother can get up at the crack of dawn and look so amazing.

It’s no secret that the actress was pregnant for the majority of her time shooting as Wonder Woman for the Justice League and for reshoots of Wonder Woman, the movie. However, during the filming, the actress did all she could to keep her pregnancy a secret until she began to show. Why, you ask? For the very same reason as mentioned above. Being a mother is not a handicap but, according to Gadot, we have a long way to go in the industry and the world alike. Gadot did not want her well-intentioned coworkers to give her any special treatment, as she thinks the standard should be that women  “get the job done”.


In this controversial year for women in Hollywood who are exposing sexual harassment and assault scandals; Gadot’s attitude can be seen as another pillar of strength. She is even quoted as challenging the character, Wonder Woman’s physiology. Gadot claims that a real Amazonian had one breast, so, “ realistic are we getting here?”. The sassy comments are intended to combat the body-shaming ridiculous figures of women that are put out in the media.


While, Gadot’s statements certainly seem very “Rosie the Riveter, We Can Do It!”, some may say that this, pull up your boot straps and get the job done attitude is not what feminism is about. Yes, we can do it and yes, women do get the job done but; not at the expense of actually being a woman. Hiding the pregnancy to avoid special treatment is almost saying “I have to act like a man to be equal.”. As if pregnancy is sign of weakness.

Not wanting “special treatment” for being pregnant is a slippery slope. Does this mean women should not get maternity leave because it is special treatment? A woman carrying another human inside of her and working while her ankles swell, feet ache, back screams, bladder is pressed, breasts so sore that any bouncing or jostling feels like they are being hacked off, nausea, vomiting intermittently at the faintest of scents and about a dozen other physical discomforts is not on an equal playing field with any other person without child on that set.

Apparently, while Gadot’s intention may be to make the statement that “women get the job done no matter what”; hiding her pregnancy almost says, “pregnancy is a burden we must bear and find the strength to still perform as someone who is not pregnant”. The reality is that being pregnant causes physical issues that need to be addressed, even in the workplace. Women should not be ashamed of that. Women don’t have to pretend to be a man to be equal to a man. Women don’t have to conform to masculinity to be equal. We can be equal and be feminine at the same time.

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