How Paid Matrimonial Sites Are Different From Free Ones

How Paid Matrimonial Sites Are Different From Free Ones

If you are an active user of the internet, then you know it can bring lots of benefits for your personal life such as finding a date partner or even a life partner online. There is a host of matrimonial websites that work as effective platforms for getting married. These marriage sites are filled with detailed matrimony profiles of different people who want to find their better half online.

There are numerous benefits of using these portals that make them a useful source of arrange marriages among grooms and brides and their parents. These sites offer their users a safe and secure environment for interactions within the confines of Indian values and traditions.

Almost every matrimony site integrates search features; allowing registrants to find their match that belongs to the same ethnic, professional or socio-economic background. You will find both paid and free matrimonial portals, and so, it can be a little trickier to choose between them. It’s important to choose a matrimony service that takes due care about their service quality through their website. Else, there’s a likelihood of you to fall victim of scammers or those who are looking for flings.

There are numerous online matrimonial sites that screen each user’s matrimony profile before adding it to their website’s database while there are also some that only aim to make money. Free marriage sites too are used to follow the same practice. Some websites actively remove non-serious profiles while there are also some that just don’t care about whatever is being added to their website.

Listed below are two major differences between paid and free matrimonial websites.

  1. Membership Fee

Generally, there is no difference in the way these online marriage sites work as both add users’ profiles to their websites, allowing members to access them in order to find their match. With a free matrimony site, however, you don’t need to pay anything, so you need not to worry about losing anything.

Paid matrimonial websites, on the other hand, charge their users an advanced fee to become a member. This membership usually lasts up to one month or so, depending on the type of membership you are willing to pay for. The most obvious disadvantage of these websites is that they don’t offer a refund policy if you don’t find a good match during the membership period.

  1. Time Limit

Another difference is that paid marriage sites set a specific time limit for their users to find a match while free matrimony services allows you to take  your time to do the same without worrying about your membership expiration.


Matrimonial websites are intended to help you meet your potential life partner with the comfort of your home. There are both free and paid matrimony services available over the web. If you are not comfortable providing your credit card details online or don’t want to pay for the marriage service, you can choose to sign up on free online matrimonial sites. However, it is very important to use the marriage portals that are known for their good reputation and positive users’ reviews.

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