Going On Holiday – 5 Must Do’s When Preparing To Travel Abroad

Going On Holiday – 5 Must Do’s When Preparing To Travel Abroad

There are so many things to remember when you are planning a trip abroad, that it is not uncommon to be filled with anxiety that you are going to go all the way to the airport only to discover with an hour to your flight, that you have forgotten your wallet or worse still – your passport.  The pre-holiday stresses and anxieties can be avoided though if you have made the proper plans.

To help you out, in the following article we will look at 5 of the most important things you should always do before you head off abroad on holiday.

Make Sure Your Passport is Valid

This may sound like the most obvious suggestion of them all, but you would be amazed by how many times people have thought they had a valid passport, only to discover that it was out of date – with little or no time to order a new one.  My husband managed to do this when we were going on a viewing trip to buy a home in Spain! You can avoid last-minute rushes and worries by checking well in advance that you have a passport and that it is valid.

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Make Sure You Have All Important Documents For Your Trip

There are various important documents you need to have before you can travel and these will vary depending on where you are going.  You need to check if you need a visa for your trip and that you have a current one, boarding passes, driving licence, hotel booking confirmation and then keep them all organised in the same wallet or folder.

Check Your Luggage Allowances

Your holiday might get off to a bad start if you are stuck at the check-in desk with luggage that is too heavy, as you will either have to pay extra or try dispersing the weight into your hand luggage.  Make sure you have your cases and bags weighed long in advance before you go.  Handheld, digital scales can normally be purchased for a couple of pounds.  It may be that you need extra luggage and if you do, you need to pre-book this online, or you could end up spending more if you leave it when you arrive at the airport.  

Secure Your Home

Nothing will ruin the feeling of a great holiday more than arriving back home to discover you have been broken into or your property has been vandalised.  Check, check and check your doors and windows again before you go and make sure you cancel any grocery, milk or paper deliveries.  Ask a relative or neighbour you trust to check your house regularly and remove any mail that may be gathering behind your door (this can be a sign to opportunist burglars that you are away from home).  You may also want to invest in some light timers, so your home looks like there are people at home.  

Plan Your Route To The Airport And Pre-Book Parking

Even if you know the way to the airport you are departing from and have travelled the journey many times in the past, you should still plan out your journey.  You also need to listen to traffic reports and any warnings, so you know where to turn.  This will enable you to allow for extra time if there are disruptions so you can still get to the airport.  Also, if you are planning on driving to the airport, book a parking space in advance to get the best price.

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