Diabetes Patients Need Better Medication or Change Their Lifestyle?

Diabetes Patients Need Better Medication or Change Their Lifestyle?

Diabetes is a severe metabolic disorder which can be responsible for causing tons of other diseases and disorders in your body including high blood pressure, weight gain, weight loss, kidney dysfunctions to name a few. If you have diabetes, you need to put your sugar level under control, or you are going to have multiple disorders and/or disorders.

How to Keep Diabetes in Check?

Doctors prescribe medicines to check diabetes, and they do for some time, and then he will again need to increase the dosages of the drugs, or he will change the medication to keep your diabetes controlled. For a couple of days, you accidentally forget to take your medicine; you are going to have very high sugar level again.

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How does Metformin help in Controlling Diabetes?

Metformin helps in regulating your natural insulin production in your body and therefore controls your diabetes type 2. Also, metformin controls the amount of sugar the liver produces and also controls the sugar absorbed by the stomach.

Some doctors would give metformin in combination with other drugs. But these days doctors are changing the way metformin is prescribed. They prescribe metformin and lifestyle change. The lower the dosage of metformin and instead ask patients for lifestyle intervention.

A group of diabetic patients in a trial at 2014 were given metformin of 850 mg, whereas another group was given placebo with lifestyle intervention. The lifestyle change included that the patients eat a low-fat, low-fat and low-calorie diet as well as 15 minutes exercise every day. After a period both groups were tested and they found that the metformin group reduced the sugar level by 18% whereas for the placebo patients it was 27%. Therefore, it can be easily seen that only following workable weight loss diet and some exercise can reduce sugar levels much more compared to metformin.

What are You Supposed To Do?                                                    

First, reduce your metformin intake and do some lifestyle changes, after sometimes only lifestyle changes will do no need even to intake metformin anymore. Therefore, make your lifestyle change, create a diet chart; you can also consult with your dietician. You also need to do minimum exercise every day and that much only you need to do to keep your diabetes under control.

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