Cleaning Septic Tank – An Important Part of Septic Tank System Maintenance

Cleaning Septic Tank – An Important Part of Septic Tank System Maintenance

Homes in rural areas commonly have septic tank system as the form of sewage management. An effective septic system collects the waste material from your bathrooms, kitchen and washing area in a septic tank which is normally found underground in your property. Regular inspections and upkeep are two important factors that play a vital role in keeping the tank working the way it should.

Caring the overall septic tank system is not that hard. These modern systems can function more effectively as long as you make sure to follow the basic guidelines. Ideally, a septic container can operate efficiently with occasional interruption for pumping. However, the sludge starts building up in the tank over a certain period of time, and so, it is necessary to pump out this mud to allow the tank to function properly. Apart from that, certain products such as bleaches, washing powders, cleaning chemicals and cold weather are some of the basic factors that can cause different septic problems to arise.

How Septic Tank Function

Previously, septic tanks were made of metal. But in the present time, most homemakers install concrete-made tanks in their house because of the durability and strength that come from the building material.  The septic tanks acts as the accumulation point for all the waste material flowing from your house. The bacteria help most of the waste break down into liquid form and subsequently move out of the tank. If the tank gets blocked, it may cause solid waste to move into the field lines, leading to a complete clog of the drain field.

Symptoms of a Chocked Septic Tank

A chocked septic tank can be identified through a number of distinct symptoms indicating a sludge accumulation. For instance, water accumulation in the backyard or above the tank is a clear sign of blockage in the system. Smells, pounding and blockages are some of the septic problems that could take place in the drain filed and cause serious health risks to people living in the house and the neighborhood.Therefore, it is very important to take necessary measures and hire a reliable septic tank cleaning service provider to get your tank cleaned out. These professionals are trained at performing flawless sewage pumping, cleaning and treatment of septic tank system. Ideally, it is wise to call them as soon as you find the foul odor in your home vicinity.


All septic tanks come with an opening or entrance. They are normally covered with mud as an important component of the field. At the time of inspection, this mud needs to be dug out in order to expose the opening. Make sure you get your septic tank inspected on annual basis whereas do its thorough cleaning every 3 to 5 years depending on the tank size.

Typically, professional septic tank cleaning services use powerful machinery to carry out cleaning process in an efficient manner. Your tank will have some liquid inside even after is has been cleaned out. It is a normal thing, and so, you do not need to worry about it. Proper maintenance of your septic tank will add life to its functionality and help prevent potential septic issues for a longer span of time.

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